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Past Life Regression is a technique using hypnosis to explore and uncover the many lives we have lived, crossing many dimensions spanning throughout time and space.  Though we have consciously forgotten experiences from other lifetimes, our souls have not.  By revisiting significant life experiences in a safe space, we can heal those stuck energies and gain freedom from patterns, illnesses and phobias holding us back. 

Or you may simply wish to explore other lifetimes as a multi-dimensional being!


We all are powerful beings and have a divine purpose for being here.  Many of us have no idea the plans we made with our Angels and Spirit Guides before we were born.  However, we have been programmed to disconnect from our true origins.  

Make an appointment today to get your questions answered and live your Highest Self.  All healing is self healing and I am honored to create the space for yours.  Namaste!

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