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Are you stuck in a pattern of behavior that leaves you frustrated?  Do you have fears and phobias that prevent you from living life to the fullest?  Do you feel stuck in a relationship that does not serve you?  Now is the time to access the power that is already within you. 


Past Life Regression is a technique using hypnosis to recover forgotten memories from childhood and/or past lives in order to heal them.  Though we have consciously forgotten experiences from past lives, our Souls remember those traumas.  By revisiting significant past life experiences, in a safe space, we can heal those events and gain freedom from patterns, illnesses and phobias holding us back. 


We all are powerful beings and have a divine purpose for being here.  Many of us have no idea the plans we made with our Angels and Spirit Guides before we were born.  However, we have been programmed to disconnect from our true origins.  

Make an appointment today to get your questions answered and live your Highest Self.  All healing is self healing and I am honored to create the space for yours.  Namaste!

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